Pain diagnosis tool with
 a remote doctor’s consultation

Can determine the nature of the physical pain and provides you with a medical consultations whenever
you want and wherever you are.

Panic Attacks Killer

and Soul Healer Soon

Learn how to become calm, relaxed and confident person. This tools will help you to become stronger
and absolutely free from your fears.

Without health life is not life; it is only a state of langour and suffering - an image of death. Buddha

Our Story

Questions of relieving stress, disease and fatigue are relevant more than ever. Everyone is faced with these problems in their lives. We decided to combine medicine and modern technologies and to make a solution that could our quality of life regarding everyday’s stress.

With our healthcare mobile applications, we can help our users to determine the nature of their physical illness or source of the pain so you don’t need to spend much time trying to guess what to do through the Internet or encyclopedias. Moreover, we are able to a high quality doctor’s consultation remotely and we are working on an app which will help our users to work with panic attacks.

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  • Vadym Grynchenko Co-Founder, Product Designer
  • Dr. Liliia Kurilets Co-Founder, Medical Advisor
  • Alexey Shegliuk Co-Founder, Business Strategist
  • Kostya Khuta Mobile Developer
  • Yura Yatseyko iOS Developer
  • Yurii Matsko Lead Front-end Developer
  • Max Souschuk Content Strategist
  • Max Dybarskiy Lead Android Developer
  • Aresenii Shumovskyi Android Developer