First aid app

Pain diagnosis tool with a fast doctor’s consultation

Can determine the nature of the physical pain and provides you with a medical consultations whenever you want and wherever you are.



First Aid can help you to determine the nature of any kind of physical pain. There’s no more need to search the web guessing what’s wromg with you or waiting months in a queue for a doctor’s visit. Now you can immediately
find out what’s going on.

avatar Dr. Liliia Kurilets
You 7:42

Hello Dr. Bowman. I want to ask you what should I do regarding my symptoms? It’s getting worse… Thanks!

You 7:42

Dear Robert,

Proper massage can help you to feel better for now. But of course your Osteochondrosis will not go just by itself. You nead to treat it with physiotherapy procedures and also you will need to think about your life style changing.

Here are some details about what

Immediate Help

Doesn’t matter where are you now, but your personal
doctor is always in your app. Internet connection is
the only one requirement. Just tap the button, write
a message to a doctor and we will do our best to
instruct you with what you should do regarding your pain or disease.

Be Informed

After finishing the Diagnostics, First Aid will propose
you to download your Anemnesis. With this you can
go to your local doctor so he/she will have some
basic information about you and your case right
away. Moreover, all your diagnosis will be carefully stored in the First Aid Archive.

Let’s work together!

If you are a Doctor you can help us to make our world a better place. With providing medical consultations we are making medicine easier and closer to everyone. We can save somebody’s live and increase level of life for other. We can motivate people to keep their health on track. And yes, we know the value of your work.

Join us with building the medicine of future!


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